We're easily accessible both by train and by car.

Located within 30m from tram 1, connecting the train station with the centre of Ghent. Or within 100m from the R4, providing an excellent connection with all the major motorways.

LEZ Ghent!
Dear guest, You’ll be coming to Ghent soon, In order to keep the entire experience in the centre healthy for both residents and non-residents, adults but especially children, starting January 1st of 2020 a new Low-Emission Zone (LEZ) will be imposed within the city ring.

Consequently, certain types of vehicles will no longer be permitted inside the ring. No worries, let’s go through the details together: All foreign license plates will need to complete a registration on the LEZ website: www.lez2020.gent .You’ll need your license plate, country and date of registration. You should find these details on your vehicles’ registration slip.

National license plates do not need to be registered, since they are already present in the DIV database. To find out whether your vehicle is eligible for use inside the city ring, consult the website: www.lez2020.gent.

Lost or confused? Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details. For your information, at 100 m from our BB, you can park your car outside the LEZ zone.